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The Audit Short Locations: Eight Minutes to Midnight: Dealer contacted me as soon as I expressed an interest in possibly purchasing the Silverado

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Phone calls not returned! Delivery of car delayed four days waiting for the installation of a new headlight. Don't understand why headlight could not have been expressed overnight. Good experience Wrong car color. Chris made this deal very easy Would highly recommended them. They made other vehicles available to test drive so I could compare. When I decided to purchase, Chris had numerous finance options to get in the vehicle. Sales people are very aggressive, They will force you to come to there location and ask you to make a deposit on the car they won't allow you time to think as if they just want to get rid of the vehicle, I've had the worst experience ever at any dealer.

They took care of everything a lot quicker than I imagined. I was charged more than double the cost for my registration because they did it for me. Car was sold but very helpful. Haven't decided yet, but will probably buy the car. Excellent and timely response. I live in Maine and the dealership is in Massachusetts. For obvious reasons, coordinating a visit to check out the vehicle and try to do some business is difficult due to the distance involved.

Admittedly, I had to change the date a couple of times but the last word I had arranged with the salesperson I was working with was I was coming down Monday, the 12th of June, to see the truck and make an offer if I liked it.

Good thing I called before I started driving south from Maine. The salesperson said "I sold it, the customer is coming to pick it up but if it falls through, you want us to call you back?

Not very impressed the car was sold out from me as I was very transparent up front with calling to work a time to make this happen. Money talks pretty loudly with these guys, apparently. Dennis was a great help dealing with me on this vehicle. Answered all questions and was easy to deal with.

Phillip was our salesman and he was very good. He said the dealership is a ONE price dealership with no haggling or back and for with a sales manager with a final price.

The van was below the KBB retail so I had no problem with what they were selling the van for. We live out of state and my only complaint if you could even call it that was it took longer than we liked for the dealer to say our check had cleared. We picked up the van and I followed my husband home and noticed a rear wheel shaking and vibrating. I called the dealership and they asked us to get the van state inspected and if there was a problem they would reimburse us.

There was in fact an issue with the rear tire rims the van was a delivery van prior and obviously the drivers struck a few curbs a bit too hard and Dedham Auto Mall was true to their word and reimbursed us for our cost to remedy the problem. If we didn't have to wait so long for the check to be declared "clear" I would have given 5 stars. Very good experience, I purchased a really nice cargo van from them, with very low miles, for an excellent price.

The people were great to work with, they were all very nice, very professional. I recommend these guys if you are looking to buy a car. The sales person whom I dealt with was top notch. A true professional who cares about his clients. I would go back to this dealership in a second. I just bought this beautiful car.

The salesman Son Le was very far the best salesman I have ever dealt with. My advice if you are buying a car from this dealer is to ask for Son Le, you won't regret it.

They screwed up every step of the way since day one of my purchase. Bad information, not following through on promises, forgetting to mail things, and one delay after another. Efe from sales called and emailed immediately. He was professional, knowledgeable and not pressuring! Dennis is the best car dealer I ever met! He is very professional and will do anything to make customers happy. I had the best time buying my vehicle with chris leitao. They were fast,friendly and overall would recommend anyone who wants a great vehicle go to dedham automall.

They responded very quickly. Unfortunately the car I wanted was sold but at least they were very quick in letting me know so I could continue my search! It was a pleasure meeting with the dealer sales men, good experience. However after research ing this dealer on reviews of Yelp and other review Internet content. It was clear they were not reputable or credible. Honest and not pushy. They are very professional especially the sales person Mark he know how to handle customer.

I was contacted via email a few times, but they had no intention of negotiating price. A bit disappointed in their attitude. They did contact me to let me know it was sold. I am sorry that we could not make a deal with you but Car Gurus pricing sometime does not include all options and extras on cars and to save customers time and money we advertise our best price. This car has been listed for an extended period of time but is not available. They seem to use a "bait and switch" tactic by offering great pricing on cars not in inventory.

Must provide constant inventory updates accurately. They set up my appointment, confirmed visit, and last minute only when I called told me the car was gone. Show older dealer reviews My car died and I was afraid I might have to settle for a used car I didn't like, just because it fit my budget.

Checked out their inventory online and saw a jeep with k. Went down, talked to Phil, test drove it, bought it that day. Overall it was a very stress free experience and I highly recommend checking them out. Other Auto dealer has never responded when I had a question. In contrast, Dedham Auto Mall were great. In a few hours I heard from Phil Chancy and we spoke on the phone several times and he provided me with extra info that I needed to evaluate their car. I could not have hoped for a better and more professional sales person.

I've driven past this business for years and always admired the high end cars they sell. I finally bought one this week from them and the transaction was seamless.

I would definitely trade in and buy something newer in a few years. They were quick to respond, fair with price and delivered on all promises. I would recommend them to family and friends. Efe was very good helping me out with the car I want it great job. Keep up the good work efe. Poor paperwork, for a professional dealer they had trouble with and out of state registration, be prepared to go there and wait.

When I arrived after a two hour drive and a scheduled appointment the car had been sold. Car did not have the features i wanted. Dealership has been a pleasure to work with so far. They do not negotiate prices, which actually relieves tension on both sides and is a good thing. I had a very frustrating experience at this dealership. I was interested in a specific car and called ahead to make an appointment several days in advance. I called back the day before and the morning of the appointment to confirm that the car was still available.

When I arrived an hour later, I waited for 30 minutes for the staff to bring the car from other lot. The car was never brought over, and at that point, someone informed us that the car was already sold.

Clearly the business does not have an efficient system of communication between salesmen and apparently it was sold by another location that sells the same stock of used cars, so the information was even slower to travel to the person I was working with.

The price doesn't matter anymore. The sales personnel and manager are deligent and professional. They have gone above and beyond in order to make sure that I am satisfied, and happy with my purchase. Dennis Kelly is a very dedicate profesional, he makes sure you get what you want and need. Spoke to the representative and the car was already sold.

Still the long wait for everything as in every other dealership. Dennis came in on his day off to see us. Buying vehicle from them. Good selection of pre-owned cars. Low stress shopping experience. The cars airbags had been deployed. Why would I want a crashed car? Called about a car drove almost an hour to see it waited at dealer for an hour for car to show and it never arrived! A waste of my time! Dealer responded with short note to my inquiry but did not answer any of the three questions I asked.

I responded asking the same questions again but received no response. Vehicle was already sold. While reviewing several cars, all my questions were answered in a timely and polite manner. Everyone was nice and Marat is a great salesperson! Neal, the financial person was also a great help! I would go back in a heartbeat! Great, bought a car! Treated me very good. Received an immediate reply to my email. On the day I was to go, I got an email stating that the car had been sold.

I was so appreciative that I was informed and didn't make the trip for nothing. The impression I got is that this is a top notch business. Dealer was very responsive. Not pushy at all. The vehicle I inquired about had already been sold. This seems suspicious to me since it was a rear wheel drive convertible and it is the middle of October in New England. The price also seemed to good to be true. They keep cars that are sold up on the site!

They responded but did not hound me which is why when it's time I will buy from them. I bought the car on August 11 and am very happy with in so far. My only complaint is that Massachusetts is one of the few states that does not put a limit on the document fee that is added to the list cost.

A lot of back and forth 'me get another manager envolved', etc. Great communication easy to work with.

Dealer lied about selling cars which have been in accidents. Car was in repair shop when I came to see it, and this was not included on the Car fax. The city also has a regional vocational high school [36] and one regional charter school. Two public school buildings that were mothballed due to financial issues or population drops have been leased to the Metrowest Jewish Day School at the former Juniper Hill Elementary and Mass Bay Community College at the former Farley Middle school.

Several schools that were no longer being used were sold off, including Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Washington. Framingham is approximately halfway between Worcester, the commercial center of Central Massachusetts, and Boston, New England's leading port and metropolitan area.

Rail and highway facilities connect these major centers and other communities in the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area. Framingham is served by one Interstate and four state highways:. Park and ride services: Framingham's economy is predominantly derived from retail and office complexes. There are scatterings of small manufacturing facilities and commercial services such as plumbing, mechanical and electrical expected to be found in communities of its size.

Additionally, there are several smaller business hubs in the villages of Framingham Center, Saxonville, Nobscot, and along the Route 9 corridor. The Golden Triangle was originally a three square mile district on the eastern side of Framingham, bordered by Worcester Rd. Route 9 , Cochituate Rd. Route 30 , and Speen Street in Natick. Route , and Speen St. Because of the size and complexity of this area, Framingham and Natick cooperatively operate it as a single distinct district with similar zoning.

The area is one of the largest shopping districts in New England. The area was formed with the construction of Shoppers World in Shoppers' World was a large open air shopping mall, the second in the US and the first east of the Mississippi River. In , Shoppers' World was demolished and replaced with a strip mall named Shoppers World. In addition to retail properties, there are large office developments in the area including several companies headquartered in the triangle; the world headquarters of TJX is at the junction of Route 30 and Speen St, as is the main office of IDG and IDC.

Boston Scientific headquarters is in Natick, in the old Carling Brewery building and former Prime parkway complex. There are over a dozen large office complexes in and along the borders of the Triangle.

The downtown area is between Memorial Square, formed by the intersection of Concord St. The area is bisected by Waverly St. The anchoring structure of Downtown is the city hall, The Memorial Building. Additional lights were installed at the Irving St. All sidewalks in the area were to be replaced, lighting upgraded, and new amenities such as seating and bicycle racks were also installed. The project was scheduled to begin in , but has been delayed to — South Framingham became the commercial center of the town with the advent of the railroad in the s.

It eventually came to house Dennison Manufacturing and the former General Motors Framingham Assembly plant, but the area underwent a financial downturn after the closure of these facilities during the late s. Along with Brazilian and Spanish oriented retail shops, there are restaurants, legal and financial services, the city offices and library, police headquarters, a performing arts center, and the local branch of the Social Security Administration. Several Asian and Indian stores and restaurants add to the rich ethnic flavor of the area, and many small businesses, restaurants and automotive-oriented shops line Waverly St.

Two of Framingham's seven major auto dealerships are also in West Framingham: The large tracts of multi-story apartment and condominium complexes line both sides of Route 9 from Temple St. These buildings represent the majority of Framingham's multi-family dwellings, and along with the business complexes, helped create a large network of support services on the West Side: Formed at the junctions of Worcester Rd.

Route 9 , Pleasant St. Route 30 , High St. The school has several thousand students, about one third of whom live on campus. The remaining half houses several small stores, restaurants, realtors and legal offices. The old Boston and Worcester Street Railway depot, on the east side of the Center, was converted into a strip mall in the early s and houses the Center Postal Station and several small stores.

The village of Nobscot, at the intersection of Water St. Saxonville is the home of the former Roxbury Carpet Company buildings, now an industrial park, and is one of the city's historical districts. In addition, the section of Route 9 from the Route overpass to the Main St. Three car dealerships, Acura , Chevrolet and Nissan , several strip malls of varying sizes, many small apartment complexes, several small office complexes and other small shops and restaurants make Route 9 the main commercial thoroughfare in Framingham.

Finally, there are several other small retail areas and facilities throughout the city, e. Residents can create and produce their own television programs that reflect the personality of the community, and have them cablecast on the public-access television cable TV channels.

The Government Channel operation provides programming sponsored by or for the City of Framingham. Commission meetings are cablecast live to inform residents and encourage participation in local government.

Some of the programming provided, keeps residents abreast of road closings, construction updates, recycling efforts, public safety information, and special events in the community. The Government Channel is committed to making local government more accessible to all residents.

Framingham features dozens of athletic fields and civic facilities spread throughout the city in schools and public parks. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Massachusetts city. For the cardiovascular study, see Framingham Heart Study.

For the English town, see Framlingham. City in Massachusetts, United States. Concord Square Historic District , July Historic places in Framingham, Massachusetts.

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Newton, Massachusetts detailed profile. According to our research of Massachusetts and other state lists there were 3 registered sex offenders living in Newton, Massachusetts as of October 08, The ratio of number of residents in Newton to the number of sex offenders is 29, to 1. The number of registered sex offenders compared to the number of residents in this city is a lot smaller. Watertown Mall Arsenal Street Watertown, MA () Exterior. Providing easy access to Boston College, Natick Mall and the historic city of Waltham, Boston Marriott Newton is perfect for long business trips or fun-filled weekend getaways.