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Kyle Rayner , inhabited by the benevolent symbiote " Ion ", was recently touted as the most powerful of Earth's superheroes. Visual effects gurus who made Clark super". Slowly he inched his way along the floor, rousing his comrades in crime.

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Superman's powers were what made him, well, super! On his home planet of Krypton, he would have just been a regular Joe. But here on Earth our yellow sun gave him the ability to .
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Alan Grant returned to write Curse , about a gravedigger who unleashes a year-old curse onto Smallville and Clark's attempts to put things right. Written by Devin K. Grayson , City follows Clark and Lex on a trip to Metropolis. In the city, they are caught between the Japanese mafia and a secret agent who thinks he has found an alien.

The sparks make Chloe the desire of every man, but when they wear off an admirer kidnaps her and she is rescued by Clark. Smallville ' s first venture into comics was "Elemental", a one-off story by Gough and Millar which appeared in TV Guide during the series' first season and set in that period.

The Comic , it has two stories. The first, "Raptor" by Mark Verheiden and Roy Martinez, is about an abused boy who mutates into a raptor thanks to kryptonite and tries to get revenge on the Luthor family. Michael Green and John Paul Leon wrote "Exile and The Kingdom", with insight into why Lex remains in Smallville after his father offers him a position in Metropolis at the end of season one.

Writer and script coordinator Clint Carpenter called the comic a companion to the series rather than a non-canonical version. According to Carpenter, the series expands on events in the series such as season-ending cliffhangers and gives "additional depth" to characters with limited screen time on the series or whose storylines needed additional explanation.

Verheiden's commitment to the TV series kept him from working on the comic books, so he asked Carpenter if he would take them on. Although the comic book was intended to expand on the TV series, there was an occasional continuity overlap because of differences in production schedule between the comic and the series.

The full title of all volumes listed here start with " Smallville: The first digital issue of a Smallville Season Eleven comic book was released on April 13, ; the first print issue was published on May 2, Miller , set six months after Darkseid's attack, Clark no longer fights crime as "The Blur" but as "Superman". Although Clark is generally accepted by the public, some distrust him including Lex Luthor, despite his memory loss after his encounter with Tess Mercer. A new arc, "Effigy", would feature a team-up of recurring character John Jones and Batman.

The full title of all volumes listed here start with " Smallville Season The full title of all volumes listed here start with " Smallville Season 11 Specials: Allison Mack's character, Chloe Sullivan, has starred in two promotional tie-in series: Chloe Chronicles , and Vengeance Chronicles.

Two volumes of Chloe Chronicles totaled eleven mini-episodes. In the first volume Chloe investigated events leading to the death of Earl Jenkins, who held Chloe and her friends hostage at the LuthorCorp plant in the first-season episode " Jitters ".

This volume used the Smallville comic books as a secondary tie-in to the series. Viewers could watch Smallville , Chloe's Chronicles and finish with the Smallville comic book, which would provide an "enhanced backstory to the online segments". In this series Chloe joins a costumed vigilante, whom she calls the " Angel of Vengeance ", to expose Lex Luthor's Level The idea for an online show about Chloe originated with Mark Warshaw, who ran the show's website and was in charge of the DVDs.

The series intended to wrap up "unfinished business" from the television show. Marketing Services, "Our goal is to create companion programming that offers new and exciting ways to engage the audience, just as music videos did for record promotion.

The Chronicles are like a detective story, with Chloe following clues and interviewing people, going from spot to spot, figuring things out. For the season-three premiere , the Smallville producers teamed up with Verizon to enable its registered users to view plot updates as Daily Planet press releases , quizzes and games related to the show with Verizon product placement. According to Warner Bros. Television Group executive vice-president of worldwide marketing Lisa Gregorian, the promotional tie-ins got fans more connected to the show.

The online series allowed viewers to investigate with the fictional team to win prizes. Stephan Nilson wrote all five episodes, working with a team of artists on the illustrations.

Nilson received the plot for each comic episode as Smallville ' s production crew was filming its current television episode. Artist Steve Scott drew comic-book panels which were sent to Motherland, a consulting group. Motherland reviewed the drawings, telling Scott which images to draw on a separate overlay; this allowed objects to be moved in and out of a frame. In The CW joined the manufacturers of Stride gum to give viewers an opportunity to create their own Smallville digital comic, Smallville: The CW began its tie-in campaign with the March 13, episode " Hero ", where Pete develops superhuman elasticity after chewing kryptonite-infused Stride gum.

On The CW's website, viewers voted on one of two options each adding four pages to the comic every Tuesday and Thursday until the campaign ended on April 7. Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton with Clark's cousin Kara. Gough said in November , "[The series] is going to be a different version of the 'Aquaman' legend" [] and suggested a crossover with Smallville at some point. During the sixth season there was talk of spinning off the Green Arrow into his own series, but Hartley refused to talk about the possibility of a spin-off because of his role on Smallville.

The actor felt it his duty to respect what the show had accomplished in five seasons, and not "steal the spotlight" because there was "talk" of a spin-off after his two appearances. According to Hartley, "talking" was as far as the spin-off idea ever got. Seasons one through ten have been released on DVD in Regions 1, 2 and 4. Seasons five and six were also released in the now-obsolete HD DVD format on November 28, [] and September 18, , [] respectively. Seasons six, seven, eight, nine and ten have been released for Blu-ray.

The DVD releases include deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes featurettes and commentary by cast and crew members on selected episodes.

The promotional tie-ins Chloe Chronicles and Vengeance Chronicles accompanied the season two, three and five box sets. Since Smallville began airing, a variety of merchandise connected with the series has been produced.

Two soundtrack albums of songs from the show have been released. On February 25, Smallville: The Talon Mix , with a group of artists who licensed their music for the show, was issued.

The Metropolis Mix , with another group of artists, was released on November 8, The 34th and final issue was published in November Titan Books published companion volumes for each season with cast and crew interviews, episode descriptions and behind-the-scenes photos.

On September 1, , the company published its first companion for the series. He described the episodes' plots, discussing the neglect of the Martha Kent character and the failure of the Adam Knight storyline.

Using the series' season-nine setting, it includes rules for earlier seasons. Players can play the characters from Smallville , or create their own spin-off of the series. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the TV series. For the fictional town, see Smallville comics. Superman by Jerry Siegel Joe Shuster. Alfred Gough Miles Millar. List of Smallville episodes.

I get a locked picture on a videotape which syncs up with all my gear in the studio. I write the music, finish it up, mix it up, send it through the airwaves on the internet, and the music editor puts it in. They call up usually and say, 'Thank you, well done. The reprinted material is, in whole or in part, from: Credits and full notes. Writer s Bryan Q. Lex Luthor makes plans to destroy Superman, despite having lost all of his memories. In addition, Lex encounters his half-sister, Tess Mercer, and a visitor from a parallel Earth arrives to warn Clark about a " Crisis ".

They eventually team-up with Clark and his friends to battle against the Intergang , Oswald Loomis , and Victor Fries. Additionally, Chloe reveals a secret to Oliver, and Lex learns why Tess erased his memories. Lex is determined to learn Tess's secrets regarding Superman and his allies, and Chloe learns about her deceased parallel universe counterpart. This is chronologically parallel to the interlude story arc Effigy. This is chronologically parallel to the interlude story arc Valkyrie.

Smallville Season Eleven 16—19 August — November Now, Diana and Trevor finds the latter's mother disappears, and their search for her leading them face-to-face with Clark. This is chronologically parallel to the story arc Hollow. The main series ended after 19, and the rest of Season Eleven continues through mini-series. Season 11 Special — Chapter Season 11 Special - Chapter Effigy, Part 4 Digital Release March 8, This is chronologically parallel to the story arc Haunted.

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Stanley April 7, Archived from the original on April 17, Retrieved April 19, Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton". Archived from the original on May 13, Retrieved January 1, Archived from the original on August 22, Retrieved January 5, Try to find one that's as plain as possible, with few logos and print.

The acceptable places for there to be a logo or writing on the shirt are the middle of the chest and the back of the collar, as these will be covered by the emblem and the cape.

Purchase some blue leggings either online or at a clothing store. Try to find leggings in a blue that's as close to the color of the shirt you found as possible. Note that for men shopping online, you'll have to get a size or two smaller than usual when shopping for women's leggings. You can also get blue tights instead, either at an online dance-wear store, or a dance store near you.

The results will contain several photos of the superman emblem. Find one that's red and yellow. Do not worry if it has black outlines, as you are going to be cutting it out anyway. Print out the superman emblem. Blow up the emblem so that it covers your chest area. Any copy center will show you how to blow the image up larger.

Go to a local copy center like Kinkos or Fed-Ex. Make a copy of the image that is large enough to fit on the chest of the shirt. Before making the larger copy, you'll want to measure the width of the chest of the shirt. Take " off that measurement. That's roughly how wide you'll want the final "S" emblem to be. The exact size is up to you. Make a stencil out of the printed out emblem.

Use a utility knife to cut out the yellow from the printed out emblem. This will leave just the red "S", which you'll use as a stencil. Use the red "S" stencil on a piece of felt. Glue the stencil to a piece of red felt with a craft spray adhesive. Use a pen to trace the outside of the emblem on the felt. Cut the emblem shape out of felt. Trace the internal parts of the emblem with a pen and cut those out with a utility knife.

These craft foam sheets can be found at your local craft store or online: Attach the red "S" to the yellow vinyl. Use rubber cement to attach the red "S" to a piece of yellow vinyl. Then cut the yellow vinyl around the red emblem so that you're left with a superman emblem in red and yellow.

Attach the emblem to the shirt. Put on the shirt so that you can get the placement right. Stand in front of a mirror and attach the emblem to the center of your chest using foam double-sided tape.

Have a friend help you if you need it. Purchase three yards of shiny red synthetic fabric. Get about 3 yards of 60" width fabric.

Try to find a color as close the color of the red in your emblem as possible. Measure a rectangle of red lycra that reaches the top of your calves. Get someone to help you use measuring tape to measure from your collar to the top of your calves. Cut your red fabric to this length with fabric scissors. Tuck the top of the rectangle around your neck.

Tuck one to two inches of the red fabric into the back collar of the shirt. Pin it in place. You'll need a friend to help you do this while you wear the shirt you're using for the costume. Take off the shirt or leotard you are using for your costume, ensuring the red fabric is pinned in place on the back of the shirt or leotard.

Then, use needle and thread to secure the cape to the back collar of the shirt or leotard. To create a finished look, hem the sides and bottom of the cape with a one-fourth inch 0. The briefs will help to add a finishing touch to your superman suit.

You should aim to get the right superman red color, using superman colors on the internet to find the right shade. Make your own red briefs. Trace the briefs on a red stretchy fabric. You'll need a red fabric like spandex, lycra or polyester. Lay your red fabric on your worktable. Lay the briefs on the fabric so that the top hem of the briefs lines up with edge of the fabric. Trace around the briefs with a piece of tailor's chalk. Add about two inches to the width of the briefs in your tracing, to account for the width of your body.

Outline the reflection of the brief shape. First, cut out the brief shape, all the way to the crotch, without cutting out the whole thing. Flip the fabric over on itself where the crotch meets the fabric, as if you are making a reflection. Draw another chalk outline on the other side that connects at the crotch. Prepare the briefs for sewing.

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