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I regret not having posted this earlier but just became aware of this site. Great place and great service.

Blackwood Pro Shop Matt has been a PGA Member since , completing his traineeship under Tony Giles at Mt Osmond Golf Course. Following this, and with the experience of many years of successfully playing events, Matt secured his first Head Professional position at Mt Lofty Golf Club in
Blackwood Directory. A | 2A, Main Road Blackwood SA Images: 0. Accolades Boutique. Shop 6, 10 Coromandel Pde Blackwood SA Images: 0. Angela Harris & Associates. Main Road Blackwood SA Images: 0. Anglican Church Belair: .
The chalets are self-catering, but well equipped, so you will only need to bring your own food & refreshments. Each chalet on Blackwood Banks is completely private, in a peaceful setting, perfect for relaxing on the verandah to enjoy the many native birds that will visit you.
If you fancy a sit down and a bite to eat during your day, or need a few quick extras for entertaining guests, Blackwood Shopping Center has the shops for the job.
Scott Blackwood is the author of two previous books of fiction, In the Shadow of Our House and We Agreed to Meet Just Here, and the recipient of a Whiting Writers''s also the Grammy Award-nominated author of The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records, a two-volume narrative about American's greatest

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Shop Target for Hatchimals. For a wide assortment of Hatchimals visit today. Free shipping on select purchases over $

Tim began his career in the cheese industry in , working for Neals Yard Dairy as a wholesale cheese monger. In , he joined Blackwoods as a retail monger at our market stalls. He initially learnt his craft from our former cheesemaker Cameron Rowan and continues to work closely with fellow cheesemaker Dave Holton to hone his skills.

Graceburn is based on a Persian Fetta recipe Dave learnt in Australia. Garlic, thyme, bay and pepper are added to the oil. Cheesemakers Dave Holton and Tim Jarvis share the cheese making duties. Graceburn comes in g retail jars and 2. Franklins Farm Shop franklinsrestaurant. The General Store generalsto. Neal's Yard Dairy Covent Garden nealsyarddairy. I'm a local Vanagon driver and frequent the shop for parts, advice and sometimes repairs.

They usually have common replacement items and fasteners on hand and can order stuff in within a couple of days. They use tried and true quality parts rather than the cheap stuff and they're quick and friendly and always call promptly when done or if something else arises.

I've gone in more than once with a concern and not been charged diagnostic time. As with any Vanagon mechanic I had a great experience with Glenn's Auto Repairs. My '87 Westy started running roughly, lost power and would sometimes stall. We got towed three hours to his shop, and Sean started the diagnosis within two hours.

He had us up and running in two more hours. We needed an oxygen sensor and an air flow meter. I'm a happy camper after visiting Glenn's! These guys are the real deal. Shaun and his team figured out the issue in a short time and located the difficult to find parts and arranged next day, Saturday, shipping.

For professional work at very reasonable rates Hey this guy rock he is a great guy to deal with Shop Rating: Owner drives a DoKa. Large stock of used parts. Within walking distance of Vw-Dealer. Above Average Recommended Report Date: Great service they strive to be 1 and the parts dept is awesome will always go there for my vehicles service needs.

Dealership with a long-term excellent Service rating. I can't say enough about Sean owner and his shop. We were traveling on Vancouver Island from Oregon for a few weeks, and started to have a loud knocking sound on our '83 VW van. I mistakenly thought it was a loose fuel filter which I had previously It was noon on a Friday, and we had planned to drive a long distance on Sunday. My wife found Glenn's shop online as we were driving through the town , and we took a shot.

Amazingly, not only did Sean help to diagnose the problem on the phone which he didn't have to do , but said that even though they were fully booked that afternoon and closed all weekend , he would help us out.

He went with me on a test drive which only lasted about 15 seconds for him to confirm his suspicion Stayed late to do it, and was extremely pleasant about it. So happy to have found him, and we are riding again without knocking and, surprisingly..

Shop may not look like much from the outside, but it was a gem for us. Great shop, lot is full of Busses, Vanagons and Eurovans. They are very busy, but got us in faster than they they said they could, and actually let us sleep in the van outside their shop while they were working on the motor. It wasn't cheap, but it was exactly how much they said it would cost.

They saved our holiday. Ed built me a new 2. He was so helpful every time that I called him to discuss the engine, and when I had random questions. I drove the old engine core engine back to his shop, myself and said "hello. Many people recommend his services in the Vancouver area. Ed is THE mechanic. I owned two Westies and I've seen 38 mechanics during an odyssey from Argentina to Canada, so I think I have a good experience to compare.

Ed is very honest, his work is always top notch and considerably cheaper than the other shops here in Vancouver. In fact he's always really busy, which at times might push your repair a bit back, but I can live with it. I had a blown head gasket last year and instead of buying new heads he worked on the existing ones, levelled them out and the job is holding great.

If you live in Lower Mainland and love your Westy as much as you do your bank account, the Bug Shop is the place to go. I was told about this shop by a friend and would highly recommend anyone who needs work done on any aircooled or wasserboxer to come to these guys. This guy is a guru when it comes to old VWs. Ed and his mechanics have been extremely helpful and honest and have done great work on my Westfalia. I will continue to give them my business for years to come!

These guys will solve the problem as if your vehicle were their own. No "just throwing money at it 'til it runs. If it can be just adjusted they will say so too. I've owned my Westfalia for 34 years and have tried many other places They are the place to go for air cooled VW's Shop Rating: He's helped me out of so many jams on short notice, and he's is THE most knowledgeable air cooled vw mechanic I've met in 20 years of owning them.

Ed is the THE man in the Vancouver region. Works only on Beetles and Westy's, from minor repairs to complete rebuilds. He has a very progressive philosophy in that he will work his way through a problem to fix a problem, rather than bulldozing straight in for full out major repairs.

You MUST be prepared to leave the van with Ed for a more extensive period of time than other mechanics take, so patience is very important. Sounds like a phantom in the car mechanic world, I know. I'm delighted he was recommended to me for engine repairs to our Westy, so I'm equally delighted to pass it on. Ed has been around and has helped me on my 88 Westy.

Very knowlegeable but extremely busy. Good thing is he will drop what he is doing and listen to your vw problem. Great guys and more power to this missing breed of talent. Wow these guys are the best! I have a 74 westy and a 69 vert they keep my girls rolling! Thanks Ed and Shane! My 87 van blew in Wash. State and I had it towed to this shop in Canada as I found it on this website and they were highly recommended. They said it was the worst they had ever seen.

Within a week he had me back on the road and within a day a plug in my back heater broke and spewed coolant everywhere. He kept his shop open till I got back there at 8: Great guy and he lives for VW Vans.

Ed really knows his stuff. While the shop is disorganized, he loves working on VW's and will do his best to solve your problem at a very fair price. It's the only shop I go to when in the Vancouver area, even though they are out in the suburbs. He's had the business well over 25 years and now works mostly on Vans, not many old bugs around anymore, but they still kept the name "the Bug Shop".

They rebuild at least one waterboxer a week and has seen every Vanagon problem there is. Jake de Villiers writes: These guys are real mechanics. They won't always answer the phone because they are incredibly busy. The shop is a zoo, with engines, transaxles and stuff everywhere, and they are the only place to get your VW motor rebuilt in the Vancouver area. They replaced the clutch on our 87 Golf, and when I went to pick it up Shane said that he had adjusted the clutch to factory spec, but had noticed when he drove it in that I had it set up differently.

Did I want it that way? I drive from Vancouver to Delta to have Ed work on my '91 vanagon. He really knows these vehicles and has a lot of experience working on them. He takes time to explain issues and offer options. Have been very happy with his advice and his work.

Ed is knowledgeable and helpful. If there is a part you need, he probably has it. Reply from "Tracy" at AutoVolks Also the car that left with out paying was supposed to come back.

And they have skipped out not paying the bill on the car. And drove the car out the day the picked it up. And If the car is so bad.. How come the owner is driving the car everday and never came back to say to say the was a problem and also has not paid for there Bill at all?? The car was asked to be worked on in dead times only for a lower rate!

Which the owner signed all bill's and agained on it all. Because we were waiting for final payment to be made and the vehicle not being insured we did not road test the vehicle before it was picked up by the owner. The owner demanded to have the vehicle released to her and used her and her husband influence as a R. P police officers to achieve this. She never spent 11, with us.

She paid another shop to build this motor for her. We didn't build this motor. The machine shop had her engine for two years and then she finally paid them for the completely rebuilt motor and had it delivered to us.

Which mean while she had her car In storage her self for most of the two years. Why won't they post there names??????? Don't respond with an Anonymous The reason he left town was 'cause he'd ripped so off many people.

Now he's Island Volks in Parksville. Wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. Known Island wide for his shady business practices. Legal action is pending. Arend ter Keurs writes: Trevor and Cheri helped out with just the right parts for our 90 Syncro Westy's skylight and lifting pistons for the top. Everything works like a dream now. Even Barb can lift the top by herself now. Great service, super couple. Truly devoted Vanogan fans.

My skylight was kaput so "who ya gonna call"? Thankfully I live in Vancouver and there are close by. I gave a call and explained my situation and asked if they could install it for me. Cheri explained no problem They got me all fixed up with new OEM skylight and various other related parts. It was a pleasure meeting them and seeing their enthusiasm for westies. Trevor will also soon produce Westy tables, faucets and other parts. It was a pleasure meeting these friendly folks and the service and product is excellent.

When weather is better I'm getting the VW mud flaps from them. I would most heartily recommend them! Trevor and Cheri are a asset to the VW community! These folks are dedicated to quality service and produce quality parts! Nice to have all those hook up inlets - tank water, city water, and electric along with the OEM faucet back on line! Way to go for keeping the Westy's alive! They are also really good at helping you find hard to find parts! I wasn't happy with the service I received from the Skylight Guy; Ordered a skylight housing cover in Grey and was disappointed when it arrived late in White.

There was no note attached regarding the late arrival and fact that it was not in the color that I had ordered. I called Trevor and inquired about it and explained that the only reason that ordered from him was that I wanted it in grey.

He gave me no real apology only an explanation that he had not been sent the units in grey. Average Not Recommended Report Date: This mechanic kept my van for one year, couldn't get it to run, pulled the engine, I got it rebuild at trusted shop in Vancouver.

Shipped it back to Grand Forks and the mechanic Doug, couldn't get it to run after sitting on the engine for five months It was returned in worse shape than when it went in with the machanic, breaking the bumper, splashed oil every were in the camper, on the walls. He didn't complete the computer installations after that was checked, it was left unscrewed and hanging in its place, maybe that could be why he could not get it to run.

After one year and him only putting the new rebuild engine in, he still couldn't get it going,. I drove from Burlington Ontario to Kamloops, stayed the night in my 84 westy and realized in the morning i had a coolant leak.

After getting directions from the man it brought me to Axle's it had 3 type 2's and a type one in the lot and i knew i was in the right spot.

I walked in and told him my issue and looked at his front desk filled with papers and keys. I called this repair shop only to be hung up on mid conversation while discussing options.

Absolutely not recommended as far as customer service and interactions go. I cannot speak to their skills mechanically but I would never do business with them after the way I was treated on the phone. They made the appt without taking my name or number. They provided a cute Herbie the Love Bug loaner. Did the work without completing a work order and have me sign it before hand.

Cost was about less than the dealer and other shops. They replaced the alternator belt also as it was cracked. They saved all the parts to show me.

I was in the middle of a 2 month road trip across Canada with my 72 bus "Shelly" when I had a dramatic loss of power. After searching the web and reading reviews I chose Axel's as the place to bring Shelly. Boy was it the right place! After giving me the horrible news that I had a cracked cylinder head he showed me a brand new rebuilt 2L VW engine and told me he could swap engines for a very Very good price.

I left Shelly in his hands and even though I was stranded in Kamloops for a while, I was back on the road soon.

Not only did he swap engines but he re-installed all new engine components for me. I researched the average cost of doing all of this back home and found he gave me the deal of a century! Me and Shelly owe him one, thats for sure , as I'm thrilled and she has never ran better! Called Axel's from the road late in the afternoon from the highway. I woke up at about 2: Axel knows his stuff all he needed was a pair of lederhosen to instill any more confidence in his abilities as a german VW mechanic highly recommended Shop Rating: I was recently visiting the Kamloops area with my new-to-me 91 Westfalia.

On my way to a Transmission shop to get a fluid change my van was experiencing loss of power random fluctuations of RPM , but strangely enough, especially when turning around a right hand corner, especially such as an on ramp.

After being turned away from the Transmission shop due to shortage of mechanics I had a fluid change and fuel filter replacement at Axel's. The following day I went back and had shocks and fuel pump replacement. On both days I just showed up with the hope that Axel and his guys could fit me in; No problem fortunately getting my van in and both Axel and his two main mechanics were very accommodating and friendly.

They however failed to rectify my sporadic loss of RPM. On day three I went back and asked Axel if perhaps the new fuel pump was at fault as now the RPM drop was more prominent and less sporadic and couldn't continue on my trip unless it was fixed.

Up until this point it was thought to be a "fuel delivery" problem. By talking with another mechanic at another shop and going with a hunch I went back to Axel's and bought a new Coil and installed it myself on the street. From that point forward it ran like a top. I was stuck with a blown main oil seal on my way North. He towed my van over miles and removed and fixed the engine while I continued in a rented car. Great service, nice guy and very reasonable rates can't say more!

An enormously helpful guy. We were driving through en route to California with a wonky cooling issue with our Vanagon. Axel took time to discuss the problem with us and recommend a solution, all gratis. On a related note, his shop is exceptionally clan and well organized. What a treat to find a guy who is both warm and professional. Found this site on the web and while traveling with my Westie through BC on a little road trip.

My alternator was failing and I called up Alex and just as described above, he was a friendly, wonderful man who had the part in stock. I drove down to Kamloops and was in and out in just over an hour. Very reasonable prices, an honest guy who really know VWs. I highly recommend Alex and his guys.

This is the most amazing mechanic shop I have ever used. I have a somewhat ancient diesel VW that requires a lot of attention, and I won't take it to anyone else. Even when I moved away from Kamloops for a couple of years, I used to wait until I had a business trip in the area to get my car serviced there.

They often use used parts which makes the bill at the end of the day a lot easier on the wallet , and are always ethical about their time charged to fix your car. You will never find any extra charges for anything with these guys. In addition to amazing service, Axel himself is the most delightful man I've run into. He's funny, and knows absolutely everything there is to know about any Volkswagen. He can make you laugh about whatever's wrong with your car with his high-pitched German accent.

You want to give him a big hug when you get your car back. I highly recommend these guys. I was traveling and I was in a bind, my CV started failing and I'd already driven miles on it. No one would work on my Van. I finally found this place and he said he would fix it in one day working overtime if neccessary to get me back on the road. He fixed the CV, lubed the other three and had me back on the road in hours.

Lost my cluch comming from Banff. Call them in the morning ang I was able to continue my travel by the end of the day. They change the slave master cylinder of the cluch, I also ask them to change my oil as they had the good type of filter on hands. Used these guys for my TDi Golf - wasn't sure cause of going into a 'limp like mode' on the Coquihalla They also had two Vanagons in their shop while we were there.

I heard them mention they don't work on Air Cooled Their customer service is exemplary! They provided free shuttles if we wanted them too which I found a nice feature and they also squeezed us in on an already fully booked Monday morning early so we could hit the road asap.

Their charges were very fair and they did a complete complimentary scan of the drive ability of the Golf prior to our departure knowing we were going to go elsewhere for repairs. We live on the Sunshine Coast and I will recommend these guys to anyone heading over the Coquihalla or in the Okanagan region. I was disappointed that they don't work on air-cooled Vanagons. Average Recommended Report Date: Just a quick update from my last post of a year ago Restoring my Syncro i have needed a shop to help me with the items that were beyond my abilities, These guys have always been top notch, both in service and price Guys seem really good, Work done was as per quote although it took them longer than they expected.

So far work is top notch. Upon having a sudden reduction of power through the Okanagan in my '72 Riviera, we made it to Maple Ridge, and stopped by Gordon's, who recommended Duane highly. Great reviews on the web of both the man, and the garage, which has serviced many a vee-dub, buggy, and race car. Duane said he couldn't take on more work until after Canada day, but still we showed up I had no faith in the place I first took the poor van , and thought at the very least, the guy could offer a hint.

He noticed a problem right away, and realized we had run a while with the linkage popped off, only on one carb! Through several attempts, we realized that this was because the left carb was not functioning, because part of the throat was preventing the carb throttle lever from moving. Duane, being an accommodating guy, and an absolute pro at diagnosing the problem, allowed me to do some work in his garage driveway, on his instructions to take out the carb and fix it while he was taking care of his scheduled work.

I can't say enough great things about this easy going guy and his great knowledge of these fun vehicles. He saved our butts!! I WILL be back to pay his shop a visit with more business!! Thanks Duane for your honesty and help with our baja. It is nice to see there is people out there that are willing to do a great job aswell as provide great customer service at a very fair price.

I will definatly be sending my family and friends Shop Rating: I have had my vehicle repaired at Duane's a few times now and each time I am impressed. He is honest, does good work and his rates are fair and clear to understand. This shop has a great vibe - very laid back yet very serious about cars!

I found Duane through this site and was impressed with the reviews, so much so, I wanted to add my own. Got my car right in the next morning after I found a puddle of coolant on my driveway. Diagnosed the problem within minutes and took me in to the shop to show me exactly what was wrong.

Fixed a few smaller problems along the way, including spotting a burnt-out brake light, and replacing a cosmetic part that he just happened to have a spare for. Car back within 24 hours. Did not try to sell me anything I didn't need! Reasonable rates, and the total bill actually came out to be lower that the original estimate. I really felt like I had been taken care of, and that me and my car were in excellent hands.

My experience at duanes volkswagon shop was awesome, him and his staff were very kind. Diagnosed the problem with my vehicle right away. I definitly feel like i got my moneys worth for the work he did. Have had no problems since! We were traveling from Quebec to Vancouver when trouble hapened.

Duane received us the same day. Precise diagnosis, excellent job,reasonable price. Professional, honest and very nice. Duane and Lou are great guys with lots of knowledge about all VW's and more. Duane is an honest, knowledgable guy that has been working on VW's since he was a kid.

He does it all, even the timing belt on my Subaru this week and the one on my Subaru powered Syncro pretty soon. Duane was not only kind enough to tow my vehicle, but he was also very quick in determining the problem with it, and making the repairs. His rates are very reasonable in comparison to other shops and the VW Dealship, and this repair shop will continue to be the place I take my VW when an issue arises.

Duane was great, he did an inspection on a hopeful new purchase and was completely honest about every problem that was brought up.

Walked me through everything, and in the end saved me from buying a pile of junk. They're a great shop! Always good work at very reasonable rates. Very knowledgeable with Syncro vans and other VWs.

They have a flat deck tow truck and can pick-up and drop of vehicles. Super friendly and helpful. They have worked on my fleet of Syncro's and are very good a sourcing used and new parts as well.

Found this great family run business. Out in the country but worth the drive. I bought a Eurovan Westfalia imported from Japan. Being a 20 year old vehicle, I wanted to make sure all maintainence was up to date all invoices in Japanese.

I had oil, lube and filter, install of new furnace thermostat, a solar charging system, a new timing belt, and a general check of all systems. I received a phone call that the timing belt had been done and all systems were fine. I was one happy owner! A very honest and friendly business. This is my new go to mechanic. On our way to Tofino from the San Juans pulling a teardrop trailer with an '88 1. Knocking coming from drive train.

Self-diagnosed as CV joint. Found Bavarian Imports via Road Haus website. Made early appt for next morning with Clint. He flew part in that evening. On the road again within 1 hr 15 minutes. Decided we needed 2nd CV joint replaced. In the shop's defense I said the first issue was the right side and they could only get one CV joint overnighted.

Called on the way back from Port Alberni to let them know we were coming. Moved a car off the lift to accommodate us and this time in and out in 45 min. Very professional, Clint, service manager and Jeff, lead mechanic are the co-owners. Went out of their way to assist a couple of stranded Americans. We are forever grateful. Took our Jetta for a brake job before a long roadtrip. New brakes seemed to perform fine and we were happy with the work per se.

However, we picked our car up after hours paid during the day and went to get it in the evening and it had picked up a nail in their gravel lot so our left rear tire was almost flat. Had to delay our ferry in order to get a tire repair done the next day.

They also left their seat protector blanket in the car, covered in grease and dirt, and they don't clean your car for you. Which I know has no bearing on the repair work, but it was kind of dissappointing when compared to some other shops I've been to.

Just to need one more happy review to the list. Can't say more than I'm one more happy motorist! I have been restoring aircooled VWs for over 25 years and for the past 5 years Barvarian Import Auto Repairs has been sending there customers that need rust repair and body work to my shop here in Duncan Islandaircooled Restorations ,when it comes to mechanical work for your beloved Volkswagen of any year and model these are the guys you want,every customer they have sent my way for restoration repairs speak very highly of the workmanship and the honesty at there shop and in return I send anyone looking for mechanical repairs up to them in Nanaimo,in a world where its hard to trust anyone working on your car these guys are the best.

No matter what the make, all work was done with care and attention to detail and cost. Have not changed shops since first visit. My daughter was driving her VW at night and the engine suddenly died! Thankfully she was not on a busy road. I had it towed to Bavarian as I had previously had my Jetta serviced there for many years with excellent service outcomes.

Well, they came through again, making time in their busy day to look at and repair her car. They even give discounts to seniors and students! Thank you Harry and all the guys at Bavarian!

My throttle cable snapped on the way to the ferry and was towed here. I was very greatful to all the great guys here, they didn't have the right cable but were able to find one that worked and got my family home safely. These guys are amazing. They have excellent customer service. Do a great job and are very reasonably priced. As a woman it is so important to have a mechanic that you can trust, like the guys at Bavarian!

I would recommend them to any VW owner and, for that matter, any car make. They are trustworthy, reliable, affordable as much as VWs can be! I've been taking my vehicles to their shop for over a decade and it's always been a good experience. I have had my westfalia worked on by the guys for the past years. Great Serivce Shop Rating: Good knowledge and good service, ex. Very knowledgeable, and went out of their way to accommodate me with a failing Eurovan clutch.

They fit me in quickly did excellent work at a good price. Bill helped us when we were "down. Well Bill explained to us why due to the bus issues, and it revealed the owners character In the long run it was a "gong show' and obvious the guy just wanted to get rid of it, all the while talking it up a little too much in my opinion while making the sale. Also raised the price last minute and let on his wife put it online for too cheap.

Whatever, that's past so onto the good news Bill helped get it back on track. He picked us up at greyhound when we came over from the mainland to get our van, oh not to mention he arranged the tow and new motor payments as well, without even meeting us except via phone conversations.

He hooked us up with everyone in Parksville we needed to get the van registered, etc. Serious structural problems with the frame, this guy got the van passed illegally somehow as he brought it in from out of province. Unfortunately we did not know the history of the van, however, we have rescued it and now it is running and wiring is great. Also recommended good contacts on the mainland, since we weren't from the island.

All we can say is thank goodness for Bill! Changed a clutch for me, good work, great price bucks Shop Rating: Excellent folks, excellent service. Have been looking after my VW Van since I put it on the road, and have managed to make it a daily driver for me on my very limited budget. Thanks Bill, John you guys know your stuff. I met with the owner and explained that although I was on a very lean budget, we needed transportation we could depend on to do our daily errands. Bill traded us for our older vehicle which needed a lot of work for a 89 Jetta diesel.

Apart from some minor fixes that came up and were attended to, this car is serving us very well. We just drove it to Saskatoon and back and only needed to replace the wiper motor. I consider the trade a good solution to our needs and I have no hesitation to take it to Bill and his very knowledgeable main mechanic, John, for fair and reliable service.

My wife and I had a break down and after a crazy tow to get there bill fixed our simple vacume hose problem on my 79 van, and charged us nothin. He also gave me a few tips on things i should look out for. Bill was really great I would go there anytime. I do not recommend!!!!! I asked them to have a look and diagnose a problem. I'd rather go up island to Courtenay where I know a couple solid mechanics. I was travelling on Vancouver Island with my wife and had a break down with my van.

I know my v. The owner was really busy and allowed me to work on my van to speed things up with his tools something that I don't see or hear of often and as I wasn't trying to be in his way. He took the time to help us out in so many ways that I still what to say thank you! This shop has a heart, he could of charged a good deal and I would of had to pay it. BUT he let us off as if it was pennies for the help and the repairs that he did. Thank you for the excellent service and work done. Good shop Shop Rating: After a phone call to check and make sure this shop seems alright, I had my 75 show bus towed on a flat deck to this shop.

Thought I would hear back from this guy in a day or two. After 1 week, I had to call to see if my baby was ready. To my amazement, they didn't even get started.

I needed a clutch installed, and a provincial insepection. All Bill would say is another two days, and in two days, he'd say again, oh it'll be good to go in a couple days. Needless to say, I was getting worried about what was going on. I got nothing but the runaround from this guy, and will never be back!!

In the end, a job that would take 1 day to replace a clutch was over 40 days!!!! After flipping out on the phone to this guy, on the last day, I said I'm coming to get my bus and I'm not waiting 1 solitary more day!! Absolute gong show this place was!! If you have all the time in the world, and don't care about quality, well then this place is for you!! Oh yeah, I'm having to adjust everything! Was told by another shop that I needed my gas tank dropped not cheap as there was a gasoline leak.

I have 85 Vanagon Wesffalia. Phoned these guys and they said they would lower tank it to inspect and then full tank up to inspect further. They charged a very reasonable charge for this. This is a family business and these guys are straight up and honest as the day is long. They are getting all my work now. I highly recommend them. Been dealing there for years and wouldn't go anywhere else.

Never once had to go back 'cause it wasn't done right the first time. Fine work for a fair price always. I took my 92 Westy camper in to Beetle Spa last summer and have been back twice because I appreciated the straight up way the dealt with me and thorough repairs.

Their estimates are also very accurate. The one time I had a complaint, the oversight was acknowledged and the charge was dropped by them on their own initiative. So honest, good service and accountable -- three stars for me.

When we arrived in North Vancouver in we asked around for recommendations for a trustworthy VW mechanic for our 2 Jettas. Our neighbour's son couldn't say enough good things about the Beetle Spa, so we bit the bullet I cannot recommend them enough to anyone who asks I had the Bettle Spa do a tune up on a Eurovan, Good customer service, dedicated to the issues, went an extra mile to solve the problems.

The bill for the tune up was more like what you would expect for a Mercedes but the service was quite okay. I blew a coil pack on my jetta and even though they were busy they took me in right away and had me out the door in no time. Thanks again for the great service guys Shop Rating: Just bought a used Jetta, engine light came on, they tested it fully, fixed a few minor issues, explained everything thoroughly.

Didn't try to throw parts at me or anything, they know VW's and actually seem to care about their customers. I'm not from Canada but I have to say I've never quite experienced service like that from a mechanic. I own a Westy. Our family has taken our VWs and vehicles to Beetle Spa for over ten years.

Excellent service, consistency and quality work that is guaranteed. They certainly know their stuff and I wouldn't take my Westy anywhere else. This is a family-owned business. They do good work and are honest. Went today to see Willie , and sorry to say, He has retired. Thank you Willie, for keeping my Vanagon running for many years.

You are loved and appreciated. Fixed my Vanagon coolant leaking problem. Over the winter I developed another leak, drove in, fixed immediately , no charge.

What a refreshing change to find, an honest reliable repair shop. One of the BEST you will find in Vancouver, needed a service during a holiday and he was kind enough to open just for me, Services all kinds of cars and very good with VW's! Excellent mechanic - reliable, timely, and he is fair in his pricing - I always know where I stand with my car - and I feel completely confident in the options I am given - have been offered used parts where advisable I have an old car, but WB Motors has kept it running beyond its years.

I'm surprised there are not more reviews for this shop. I have taken my syncro to them many times and have always felt their service was great.

With other shops I have had major issues with the work they did, but in the case of VanWonder I have not had even a minor complaint. I brought my beloved 86 vanagon to see John, and he found my problem right away, and got me back on the road.

I will be back to get all my servicing in the future. Ive taken my van and A6 to these guys for years. They have always done great work at a fair price and would recommend these guys to anyone. I was taking my vehicles to the dealer for years and had enough of paying high prices for the same work,Plus i can talk to the mechanics which is a huge plus, the dealer was always giving me the run around.

Phoned them last week and Steve told me he got rid off the tools to work on my Westfalia He did'nt know my problem before telling me.

I'm sure, my problem did'nt required special tool. Better go see Sundance Auto in Kolowna. I was recently in Penticton when one of my CV joints started clacking chaos. I desperately started researching who to see in the area for a repair. I was directed to a VW repair shop in town who didn't have the manpower to help me but recommended Steve's shop as an alternative. Upon visiting Steve he gladly helped me out by ordering the part for overnight delivery from Vancouver.

The very next morning I dropped off my Vanagon and by noon was back on the road with a new axle unit. You'll get friendly and very knowledgeable service from Steve. Absolutely Best mechanic in Vancouver! Always good work at very reasonable rates And always too busy so you must be patience!! It was with a heavy heart that we had to close our business after 23 years in operation. We simply could not find any mechanics that lived up to our expectations and had to fold up a successful business.

Many Many thanks to our fabulous customers and the friends that we met who made coming to work very rewarding. I will miss you all and wish you the best. Gary Kuster, Montreal Quebec. It is with extreme sadness that I post this report of the closing of German Motor Car. Gary Kuster, the mechanic end of the duo of Doug and Gary retired in June. Doug's intention was to keep the shop operating but he lost his only other factory trained mechanic and was unable to replace him.

I have been taking my VWs here from Tsawwassen since I am so sad to lose such a trusted, honest, expert shop. Best wishes Doug and Gary. We will miss you. Been taking my Eurovan Camper here since it ran out of warranty many years ago ,they have done all my needed services and repairs,all excelent! Its been really helpful to know that while Im traveling in the US and Mexico if I have a problem I can call them and get advice from Gary the mechanic or Doug.

I cant reccomend these guys highly enough. Thanks for the many years of great service German Motor Car. German M C is a great shop. They do excellent work; offer loaner cars; explain all options and don't push work that is not required. I've taken my TDI Jetta there for 5 years now and have always been very satisfied. Have yet to have any service done - But I have received lot's of free advice and purchased parts from these guy's - On my second Vw a mk3 jetta and am looking at my next VW a Passat..

These good folks were THE main reason why my 79 Westy stayed running perfectly over the 13 years I owned it it's still running great, but with someone else. German Motor Car are simply the most honest, straight forward mechanics I have ever met, and extremely helpful not just at fixing things but at looking ahead -- realistically, and not just to create business -- in order to advise how to prioritize maintenance jobs on an older vehicle.

These guys are great. Went there for airfare tuning and they helped me out till it passed. They were very patient and helpful. I will defaintly go to these guys again. Excellent shop quality service,excellent mechanics,courtesy car, what more can you ask for. Gary and Doug are amazing! These guys are the most honest mechanics around. They have helped me out countless times with my '67 Beetle. They are always patient, thorough, and accurate.

Work is usually done in less time than estimated and the final bill is as quoted. Gary always takes care of the little details and doesn't overlook anything. I trust them completely and highly recommend this shop to any Beetle owner. Been coming to GMC for over 17years with my Westy. Excellent service, reasonably prices and most of all, you are NOT banned to sit in a waiting area but allowed to watch every move the mechanic does on you car.

I have been bringing my van to this place for a number of years and have nothing but high praise for these guys. Their estimates are routinely way below quotes I have received at other garages. These guys are a dream come true. They are honest, fair and very reliable. They know VW Busses inside and out. They charge actual time not book time. This has resulted in huge savings.

I haven't brought my Porsche A Speeester replica to the shop, yet - but I definitely will very soon. After 25 years of off and on working on it, I took it for it's maiden voyage to get a wheel alignment.

The idle was very high at around 2, RPM and heating up a bit on this rather hot day in the border line up back into Point Roberts, WA. Well, Jaun was behind me in the line up and followed to the gas station were I stopped to check it out and get some gas. He came over and offered to adjust the idle on the spot! I'll update my experience after I have him sync the carbs and do a valve adjustment etc. Our family owns a VW cabriolet and a Porsche turbo. After many years dealing with local dealerships someone recommended Juan's Auto Service.

We were blown away by the integrity, knowledge and fair pricing of this people. Ever since you get in the door you have a great feeling about this place. Can't recommend it enough. They work on all European cars and have a clean shop and the latest tools for diagnostics. Juan is a very honest and knowledgeable mechanic, prices are very fair and he's quick with service. He will go the extra mile to help you out if needed.

He's very knowledgeable about classic Porsches. I had my Porsche cayenne turbo and they fixed in 6 hours, the parts available and they new exactly what the problem was. Dealer give us a quote for almost double. I took my Porsche to get some service done and it was a great experience, very knowledgeble staff, very proffesional and fair priced.

I was very impressed with the shops equipment. I left very happy and my car has never run so beautifully. Excellent service Shop Rating: Juan is one of the most honest mechanics I've dealt with. Very knowledgable on aircooled engines. Let's you know every thing he is doing or going to do and will not proceed without your approval. He hates to bandaid things so if you are looking for a quick Mickey Mouse fix then don't waste his time.

Calm and courteous, I was in a jam when my van broke down on the way back from Tofino. Nathan replaced the fuel tank and fuel pump in my westy and I was on my way again Shop Rating: Excellent work, knowledgeable guy, very reasonable rates. Traveling south thru the Okanagan and the battery light was coming on intermittently in our 88 Vanagon Westfalia. Tried to get help at a VW shop in Penticton to no avail "way to busy to even look" he did recommend Valley West so I have to thank him for that.

It was just a worn out power regulator and he was able to find a good used one to pop in.


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