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Extra stretch at ankles for additional comfort. Such a flattering fit and classic lines with fashionable wide legs. The properly-chosen attire can accentuate your assets without making them appear freakishly out of proportion. You can always refer to a style consultant if you shop in department stores, or ask the sales clerks or your best girlfriend for honest advice.

Solid dark colors are often more flattering than bold patterns. It was sleeveless, cut about two inches above the knee, and had a swirled black-and-white pattern. I loved it and I thought it looked pretty good on me. I look like a Rorschach blot!! One never knows what the nuns wear under those habits! Just be sure that you do a bit of bending and stretching before you buy to make sure that you have just the right fit: At my age, the tramp stamp you used to show off no longer looks like the tight, bright piece of artwork it once was.

Now it looks more like someone tossed a bucket of paint at your backside and it is making a desperate attempt to flee south of the border! And for heaven's sake, don't get your jeans too tight. Every self-respecting woman needs to beware of the dreaded camel toe, but don't forget to also be aware of spillage. What is spillage, you ask? Spillage aka a muffin top is that inevitable stuff that hangs over the waistline if you buy your jeans too tight.

Even the fittest among us needs to be careful. Spillage is not attractive on anyone, skinny girls included. Another trick for elongating the leg is to wear French-cut panties and swim suits where the leg hole cuts higher on the hip rather than falling right at the hip joint.

Most of us don't think about that because the only pictures we typically see of women in French-cut bottoms are those that gallop about on long and lean stilt-type legs. But a nice French cut can add inches to your legs. Give it a try. Wearing sexy underwear, even if you're the only one that sees them, can boost one's self confidence. So get your radiance on and try the French cut!

Before anyone gets carried away, let me be clear: They are sexy and guys love them. I love them, too. I am proud to say that I got that under control quickly with a moderate regime of exercise and an improved diet. I love to eat. But I did transform my life and worked it so that I was typically burning more calories in a day than I consumed.

Hopefully some of these tips will work for you. Then go out and rock those curves!! Now go out there and do your part to stimulate our economy.

Your sexy new wardrobe is waiting! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Your article is great and you have really nice tips! I just wish you opted a kinder tone and had less judgemental jokes.

Thanks for sharing this helpful tips for all the curvy woman. The pattern on outfit have lots of matter in related to looks. I believe, stripes are the worst on clothing, just makes a fuller women look ten times bigger I avoid them like the plague!

I agree with everything par the french cut thing I disagee about the polka dots. I have a black shirt with small white polka dots, 3 buttons on the chest with little frills. It is from Old Navy and it makes me appear slimmer. It is one of my most flattering shirts. I am so right there with you, which is kind of why I tried to put a humorous spin on the article. The advice is sound, but I figure if we can't laugh at ourselves once in awhile, we're sunk.

As you said, many of us are on the wrong side of the hill with many imperfections. But we're all beautiful in our own way. Hi, loving your hub: I cannot stomach the thought of dresses shorter than knee length as I feel like a lamb in sheep's clothing not a great look for those of us who are rapidly descending down the wrong side of the hill This really covers all of the fashion dos and don'ts.

I definetely agree with the heels one and also I like the polka dot one you pointed out too. Very well put together with a lot of tips!

Jaynie, i have read all the comments on ur hub n i really appreciate all the hard work u have done 2 bring out this superb hub for woman with short height. Being a guy i hv a gr8 liking 2wards woman attire n fashion. You have helped n given good advice 2 short woman. Its good to sense your own shortfalls n rectifying them with such good techniques. Ya, short women with big breasts is very awkward. They should wear a very good supportive bra so that the breast remain intact n tight.

If i find any clue someday i shall share wid u. I also have very large breasts, but my waist is small so I favor tapered waistlines and V-shaped button down blouses.

Thanks for sharing that tip. I love your tips about the skirts! Now that the weather is starting to get warmer, I'm wearing more short skirts and loving the way my legs look in them!

I have extremely large boobs for my size and I have the hardest time finding shirts that fit and compliment me, one thing I have found though is that just wearing shirts that have a v-neck or even just a lower neck line can make you look thinner and your neckline look longer.

Thank you so much. I'm glad you found it useful. I'm a short curvy girl so most of this is based on experience and research so that I can successfully dress myself. It was so fun to write this because as you might suspect, I was feeling a bit playful and silly when I wrote it. I love good humor combine with sound advice.

Wow this is something incredible fashion tips for the short women. I simply love this, thanks for sharing. Polka dots are only flattering when it's an itsy-bitzy, teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. Good hub, especially the short skirt call. Hezekiah, I reckon you should say something to the girl in work.

Just make sure you don't sound sleazy. I learned some new things and I found this to be a very valuable hub. Never mind that I'm a man. But this your article is mostly recommended for short ladies so as to know what they should put on. I agree that polka-dots really don't work well for anybody. Stripes are kind of a hit or miss. I would definitely choose smaller stripes over bigger ones.

There is one more thing you can do to make your legs look longer - use pointy shoes. Well, they are not trendy at the moment, but people can decide for themselves if they want to be trendy or look tall. I like your writing style. Very useful information and tips for those of us who are short and curvy. Great read, awesome Hub. The subject that you have explained in the article is too fantastic. You have bought the topic live in front of my eyes and made me think the same manner.

You have just too wonderful ideas. I like to wear pants and skirts for most of the time. As a short, curvy girl and fellow Ann Taylor addict, I thank you. I also feel you on the print dress I prefer pants too. I have a bunch of skirts, but since I'm currently unemployed, I have no where to wear them.

Pants are always more comfortable and luckily, heels go with both! I'm short but short of nothing, for sure. Thanks for the useful info. Curves are great if you know how to dress them. Love your page here, I have always been the more curvy one for sure, not really short about average height the curves can make some looks on you not too flattering.

My boyfriend is always laughing at my flat buns, Although I know he didn't mean what he said, I'm sad! After signing up for a gym club and keep an eye on the diet, I feel much more confident now!

Every woman is pretty princess when she shows great confidence in her body and herself! I completely agree about the shorter skirts, heels and fitted tops.

I love boot cut jeans as well. Have to stay away from the skinny jeans though Thanks for the other ideas as well! Thank you for all th tips and suggestions, I'm short and curvy, so I can use all the advice I can get. Thanks for an informative, well written read. And the ironic thing is that there are far more girls like us than there are stick people out there, so why can't designers get it right?

Great Hub, Great tips I am a curvy and short women, so It has been very useful for me to read theis hub Yeah, if it fits around the bust or the bum, it gapes at the waist for us hourglass girls.

That's where knowing a little about refashioning can really help! Thanks for the tips and the laughs - I know exactly where you're coming from on this hub! I was very pleased to find this site. I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every. Jaynie, you were practical and sincere in your writing.

Inner beauty only is enhanced by outer look, so all people women and men need to feel good about themselves on the inside first. But to all you women keep looking for those great outfits. That's quite an honor. I was destined to write this hub because I can also relate to the difficulties we short curvy gals face in shopping for the perfect outfit! I enjoyed reading your hub.

Style Tips for a Sexy New You

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