Over 1, pieces of men's vintage clothing, including a large selection of Ugly Christmas Sweaters; Disco clothes, blazers and suits, western shirts, vintage t-shirts and more!

It seems from your article that a blazer now means a coloured flannel jacket, whether for cricket, tennis, boating, or seaside wear.

Over 1, pieces of men's vintage clothing, including a large selection of Ugly Christmas Sweaters; Disco clothes, blazers and suits, western shirts, vintage t-shirts and more!
A blazer is a type of jacket resembling a suit jacket, but cut more casually.A blazer is generally distinguished from a sport coat as a more formal garment and tailored from solid colour fabrics. Blazers often have naval-style metal buttons to reflect their origins as jackets worn by boating club members.
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Men's velvet blazers come in different color options to choose from. Some of the most attractive and opted color options in velvet blazers for men include the dark red velvet blazer, blue velvet blazer mens, burgundy velvet blazer mens, royal blue velvet blazer, men's .

Fabric choice plays a major part in the comfort and appeal of men's blazers. Certain blends correspond with specific styles and seasons. Heavier materials such as corduroy, velvet, or woolare ideal for cooler temperatures. Look for breathable fabrics with cotton when wearing layers in hotter climates.

Wool is a natural fiber sheered from sheep, goats, or other animals. Soft Italian wool creates high-endblazers for men. Typically, manufacturersuse this material fordouble-breasted blazers seen at weddings and formal events.

Heavier wool fabrics form tight weaves that keep you warm and are long lasting, especially when properly treated by dry cleaning. A lightweightcottonsports coatis an everyday option because it's easier to clean than many other types of blazers.

Simple spot cleaning or a cycle through the washing machine affords lots of repeated wear. Cotton twill forms a diagonal weave that creates a durable bond and adds subtle detailing to yourjacket. Amen's blazer sewn from crushed velvet reflects light off the shimmering fabric, creating a unique statement piece. Silk blazers present a smooth silhouette, and the distinct fabric is an upscale alternative to traditional black-tie attire.

Warm up in cold weather by bypassing the classic tuxedo in favor of a lined corduroy men's coat. These specialty materials are rare choices that enhance your ensemble through styles and colors that attract a lot of attention. Men's Sport Coats and Blazers. A 3 Piece Suit is so much more than an added vest.

The 3 piece suit is primarily the suit jacket, the slacks and the addition of the vest or waistcoat. It is the addition of the vest that makes a suit a 3 piece style suit. Now we could just leave it here and not discuss further what these suits are but they are more than just a 2 piece suit with the addition of the vest.

You see, when you add the vest to the suit, it transforms the suit into something in which it wasn't before. The vest gives the suit a whole new personality that just wasn't there previously when it was missing the vest. When you have the vest on, you all of a sudden can wear the suit in such a way that just would look right if you were not wearing it. For instance, when you are walking around, you don't have to necessarily button your suit jacket for a proper look because the vest underneath will still let your ensemble look well put together.

You will notice that you are indeed wearing your suit differently as well by the way you may hold your jacket open with your hand in a sophisticated and stylish manner. You could never do this with a two piece suit because it just wouldn't look right. There is something about the addition of that vest to your suit that just lets you do that and look simply fantastic doing it. You will notice that these days choice is always a huge consideration and choices you will have indeed.

There are all types of 3 piece suits from your basic business style 3 piece to your more fashion inspired three piece that have fancy style vests such as double breasted style or even fancy paisley pattern vests simply for the purpose of style and fashion. Depending on where you intend to wear your suit, the choice is up to you for that look that will set you apart and let people there know that you have a hand on style and know how to handle it.

The more stylish the vest on your suit is more likely that you will want to showcase it and it will affect how you carry yourself while wearing your 3 piece suit. Let's say that your suit has a stylish double breasted vest with lapels on it like were worn back in the s, you know that the way you wear the jacket and carry yourself will surely be different than if you were wearing a simple 2 piece suit.

You're going to want to have people see your vest and you're going to hold your jacket just slightly open to allow the style of your suit to come alive. That is what you can guarantee when it comes to these types of mens suits. Some 3 Piece Suits have fancy style vests.

There has been a huge resurgence these days with replicating the stylish nature of 3 piece suits from the s. Back in the s it was not uncommon for men to wear suits that didn't look like cookie cutter business suits of the our era but suits that had more stylish fabrics patterns and styles that wouldn't be worn in offices of today. When a man got dressed and went out on the streets of any city.

He was showcasing the type of man he was and his means and his 3 piece suit was the message. It is why the 3 piece suits of that era had more style in general with fancy lapel vests or double breasted style vests worn underneath. It was all about style but not making a spectacle of your self either. Now in our era there is a huge choice of patterned 3 piece suits and even colors that are stylish but not office friendly. You will find all types of plaid fabrics as well as stripes that really showcase the style of your 3 piece suit and all of these fancy patterns are derived from the s era.

Take a look at any prohibition era movie and you will notice the similarity of style that the 3 piece suits had back then to the 3 piece suits that are available these days. The vests on the fashion style 3 piece suit is always the focal point. It has become a stand alone item that if the man takes his jacket off, his style is still in check and showcased properly.

Some of the fancier styles have unique back straps on them as well as the fancy types of lapels that can be your standard notched, peaked or even shawl collar styles on the vest. All with an intention of style that is for setting you apart and letting people know that you love dressing with style.

Most of the vests primarily will be made of the same fabric as the rest of the suit but there are some styles that will be made of a contrasting fabric that is either a different pattern fabric such as paisley with a solid color jacket and pants or solid color vest with patterned jacket and pants for a different look.

This is pure style indeed and also derives from the s and even earlier. Always leave the last button undone on your vest. Now wearing 3 piece suit is not something that should be done without any forethought. You have to take consideration of how a 3 piece suit is supposed to fit. You need to make sure that your suit actually fits you properly where the body of the jacket fits right and collar of jacket hugs your neck just so without any gap around the neck.

That is never a good look. This is the most versatile jacket that can worn dressed up with a button down shirt and even a tie if you wish and some nice slacks or dress the blazer down big time with some nice jeans, a more casual button down shirt and something interesting on your feet like some nice Mezlan shoes.

During the Fall and Winter months, you can really let your sense of style come through when you wear a velvet blazer. The fabric of velvet is certainly mesmerizing as well. If you are single and go to clubs on Friday and Saturday nights, do not be surprises if ladies you are striking up conversation with don't happen to not be able to resist feeling the velvet fabric on your blazer. Don't ever try that with the ladies though and feel their fabric. Did you ever watch that Seinfeld episode.

Velvet Blazers can be dressed up or down. Velvet blazers and dinner jackets do have a certain way about them. They seem to look great in a casual manner of dress such as with a pair of jeans and a dress shirt. I've seen some guys wear them with French Cuff dress shirts with the french cuffs folded over the bottom of the sleeve of the sport coat. Now that look will only work in a casual setting. Don't try it at work on casual Fridays. Just a little too risque for the boss. Velvet blazers are really for wearing when you're on you're own clock enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Let's say you are the type of man who when going out throws on a button down shirt with a sweater on top of that. How about doing something a bit more exciting and keeping that sweater in the drawer it belongs in and wear what you're wearing with a velvet blazer instead. All of a sudden, instead of looking like some mild mannered teacher or someone's dad, you have some style going on just because you're wearing a velvet blazer instead. Here's a little insight.

Don't think that you'll be missing the comfort and warmth of the sweater you were going to wear because the velvet blazer will make a great substitution and you will be extremely comfortable wearing it and may even like the feeling of wearing the blazer better than wearing the sweater. Try wearing a velvet blazer instead of a sweater. If you're old enough to remember style and fashion from the very early s, you would have remembered a look that involved a Melton fabric blazer that was a thicker and soft type of fabric that was worn equally by both men and women especially in New York.

The velvet blazer sort of mimics that whole look from back then except stay away from those Dan Post cowboy boots that were worn with those blazers back then and pull out the shoulder pads as well. The modern day velvet blazer has more tailored fit that just looks perfect with our modern era of style. No more broad padded shoulders, baggy fit and closed back styles permitted.

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