Winter can present many challenges for the average fashionable man’s wardrobe, and the ridiculous variety of weather and temperatures creates the opportunity for great success with your outfits or utter fashion .

Just switch to darker shades and earthier tones — like burgundy, slate grey, chocolate brown, muted blue, and hunter green.

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The AskMen Acquire team thoroughly researches & reviews the best gear, services and staples for life. Fall and winter reign supreme when it comes to fashion. With longer evenings and cooler days.
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The Check Overcoat

The AskMen Acquire team thoroughly researches & reviews the best gear, services and staples for life. Fall and winter reign supreme when it comes to fashion. With longer evenings and cooler days.

On the runway, Moncler can take much of the credit for the ballooning trend in, well, ballooning jackets, but now everyone from Saint Laurent to Zegna has put their signature on them. Once a staple of mountaineering types, the puffer jacket is now a bona fide streetwear necessity. One thing that has survived the trip down the cliff face is bright colours, which blend perfectly with a streetwear look and let you make a bold statement even on the greyest of days.

Or in the place of standout shades, consider any one of the unique finishes on offer, be it a high-gloss or metallic sheen to elevate the piece. To help a puffer fly in a smart-casual way , opt for one with a stand-up collar. The hooded variety is more casual and therefore better suited to a streetwear outfit.

If you think knee-length overcoats belong only in spy movies, there are plenty of cropped styles around that offer a modern edge. When it comes to the colder months, send authentic pilot-style versions on leave and in their place enlist premium fabrics like wool, moleskin or felt to keep the wind out and give your outfit a tactile point of interest.

Most coats owe their life to the sartorial heritage of the military , but none more so than the trench. As timeless as they are stylish, the style has hardly changed since its invention during World War I. Waterproof, full-length and belted, it offers both form and function alongside a healthy dose of old-fashioned masculinity thanks to the upward-pointing lapels, which give the appearance of broader shoulders.

But modern variations have also got looking damn good down to a fine art, too. A Mod favourite during the s and later a beacon of Britpop, the parka has been revived by brands such as Canada Goose and Norwegian Rain, earning its place as one of the most versatile styles for AW I was one of the groomsmen, and we were all asked to wear mid-grey suits, white shirts, and a floral tie.

I bought a Ludlow Traveler suit from J. A post shared by Barron Cuadro effortlessgent on Aug 10, at 4: One of the groomsmen had a mid-grey suit made from a winter-weight wool poor guy. One suit is wool flannel, the other is a lightweight wool… can you tell the difference between the two, just by looking at them? Just like you have casual shirts that work better in winter than in summer and vice versa , you will have suits that are better for colder weather.

That can work — but depending on how cold it gets where you live, you may need to layer up. See our reviews and first impressions of Black Lapel and Oliver Wicks. Other colors that work for fall and winter weather specifically? Brown, rust, forest green, even an ash light grey. If you wear suits every day, you have more options stripes, checks, herringbone, houndstooth… the list goes on , since you have the opportunity to wear them all.

Not only should your suit be cold-weather appropriate, so should your shirt, tie, coat, and all your accessories. Opt for a heavier dress shirt in pinpoint oxford, twill, or flannel.

Curious about the characteristics of different cloths? Check out the reference guide from our friends at Proper Cloth. I looove wool ties. They produce a substantial knot and look great with heavier-weight suit jackets and sport coats. Just make sure the color palette makes sense with the rest of your outfit. A super simple secret to creating a sharp, layered outfit for fall is choosing pieces with different textures.

Tweeds, chunky knit sweaters, flannels, wool overcoats, denim and chambray shirts all stack to build an intentional look. My winter wardrobe consists of much darker colors. Lots of navy, black, brown, forest green, burgundy, etc. My staples like chambray shirts, OCBDs, and grey T-shirts are the lightest colors that stay in the closet. Want to learn how to match clothes like a pro? Check out our eGuide. Compare that to my spring and summer clothing, which is mostly light colors — like white, light grey, light blue — plus a few pastels lavender, light pink and vibrant colors orange, magenta.

I even put away my dark denim and swap them with my lightweight, stretch, light-wash denim. The only dark colors I have during spring and summer are my olive and navy linen shirts.

All layers in general are thicker to keep in warmth. I generally just have more fall- and winter-appropriate clothing. Let me know in the comments. You can elevate your smart casual look with a few carefully chosen accessories. Scarf — A wool or cashmere scarf is the perfect cold weather accessory. Or choose a standout statement scarf in a colorful plaid. Our guide to scarves — with details on fabrics, knots, and more — can help. Non-Boring Leather Gloves — Everyone has a pair of leather gloves with the three stitch design across the top.

Think quilted cross stitching on the exterior, a racing inspired snap clasp at the wrist, or a combination leather and knit glove. This unique strap goes well with the classic Timex watch and looks right at home as a fall staple. It may even become your new everyday statement piece. But a bit of well groomed facial hair always fits in during the colder months. To stay professional and well trimmed, keep your neck shaved smooth and your beard lines well defined.

The more stubble creep you allow, the less polished it looks. Tired of the mess you see in and around the sink after trimming your beard? Flask — Taking pulls from a flask in the dead of summer means you might have a bit of a problem.

But using a flask to carry and consume dark rum, whiskey, or bourbon after the leaves have started to fall is just too enjoyable to pass up. Use it to spike coffee or hot chocolate, or take it for a walk with you while you listen to a Saturday afternoon football game. A great example recently when it was cold: I threw a double breasted blazer over my denim jacket and got a ton of compliments. You can do something similar — wearing a leather jacket under a topcoat, or swapping in a flannel henley in place of a plain undershirt, unbuttoning your dress shirt a bit and letting the henley peak out.

The wet, slushy, snowy season requires some thoughtful footwear choices. I still see guys walking around in the rain with jeans, Vans, and a hoodie… which confuses me. Is your goal to absorb as much moisture as possible?

Go with merino wool socks for a thick, warm feel without the massive bulk of most heavy winter socks. They can replace your typical summer cotton socks and will winterize even your lightweight sneakers and loafers.

Timberland Earthkeepers — I still have my classic boot from the days when I used to wear baggier jeans. Original Bean Boots from L. I slip them on and go jump in puddles. Original Bean Boots Price: Hunter Original Short Boot — Caught in a downpour? Forced to wade in ankle-high water? These single-wear items are perfect for making a splash and are all the accessory a man needs. Rather than trying to theme all your outfits, consider a broader, more neutral theme, so that all your clothing is complementary, and can be worn year-in-year-out.

Put down the Thanksgiving turkey sweater, and instead, replace it with a mustard brown or moss green sweater. Small changes like this project a sophisticated and seasonal look without having to buy lots of new clothes. Then, rely instead on accessories to add a trendy accent to your outfit. Winter is the perfect time to invest in quality brands as your clothing should look good, be tailored, be functional, and keep you warm. These are what inject seasonal interest into an outfit.

If you feel like you wear the same outfits each year, you might be lacking a stylish accent. This can be as simple as adding a new hat to your collection or upgrading your gloves from wool to leather. Style is all about the details, and winter offers a playground of opportunity for the fashion-conscious man. This winter, consider wearing a new color or exploring different styles of boots or bags, to see what suits you.

Trends are an easy and often inexpensive way to add personality to an outfit and will give you a confidence boost. Fall and winter will see lots of earthy colors return: Pair these with dark denim, and light shirts to create a dimensional look. When possible, purchase the best quality on offer think cashmere sweaters and real leather boots , for understated sophistication. Layers are your friend, and if in doubt, rely on a classic military inspired bag or coat to pull an outfit together.

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Men’s Winter Fashion. As the temperature drops and snow begins to fall, it’s not uncommon to see men’s fashion go along with it. Winter is actually a great time to step up your personal style and start experimenting with layering different pieces of your wardrobe. The AskMen Acquire team thoroughly researches & reviews the best gear, services and staples for life. Fall and winter reign supreme when it comes to fashion. With longer evenings and cooler days. style | Find Winter-related trends, fashion tips and seasonal style guides from the experts at