Women's pajama bottom materials. You can choose between baggy and tighter fits or stripes and polka dots, but one of the best ways to find your ideal pajama pants is by narrowing them down by fabric.

So I wrote about it. The minute breakfast was over they had gotten in the car, so that Phillip was smack in the middle of his after-meal hour as they made the short drive to Dr. No Halo No Entry. Below are some of my favorite Sophie strips spanning the years.

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I Love just like, soooo love Sissy Stories! Sissy Boy or Boi, Sissy girl, Sissy Babies, etc. You'll find here the best stories I have ever read on the net it's quite extensive. No profit or financial purpose here.
Women's pajama bottom materials. You can choose between baggy and tighter fits or stripes and polka dots, but one of the best ways to find your ideal pajama pants is by narrowing them down by fabric.
I Love just like, soooo love Sissy Stories! Sissy Boy or Boi, Sissy girl, Sissy Babies, etc. You'll find here the best stories I have ever read on the net it's quite extensive. No profit or financial purpose here.

Women's Comfy Stretch Floral Print Drawstring Palazzo Wide Leg Lounge Pants

If you follow Pajama Diaries, of course you know that Amy has flown the coop. She hasn’t flown far, thankfully — only about an hour away — to the fictional liberal arts school, Waverly University.

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Play by Play Podium. Play Pile of Leaves. Playful Bucket of Popcorn. Plush Red Bleacher Lower Seating. Plush Red Bleacher Middle Seating. Plush Red Bleacher Upper Seating. Poison Apple Tree Swing. Polka Dot Checkers Table. Polka Dot Coffee Table.

Polka Dot Dining Table. Polka Dot Doggie Costume Dress. Polka Dot Doggie Costume Ears. Polka Dot Doggie Costume Feet. Polka Dot Halter Top. Polka Dot Kitchen Buffet. Pom Pom Chinchilla Flooring. Pom Pom Chinchilla Wallpaper. Pom Pom Winter Dress. Pop Diva Condo Flooring. Pop Diva Condo Wallpaper. Pop Diva Karaoke Machine. Pop Diva Main Stage Flooring. Pop Diva Main Stage Wallpaper. Pop Diva Recording Booth. On one hand, she could be very sweet. On the other, she had a habit of nitpicking me behind my back.

It was clear that I did not measure up to her domestic standards. Basically, she was the stereotypical mother-in-law I never had my actual MIL is low maintenance. Writing for Sophie, however, was a joy. She was a little one-dimensional at first, but I like to think I rounded out her personality over the years.

Like my real GIL, she had two dominant sides: But, really, both were sweet at heart and only wanted the very best for their loved ones. So no one could really blame her for that whole worrywart thing. As you may know, much of my writing reflects my life. Not necessarily anything verbatim, just the typical day-to-day stuff. In the meantime, I thought it would be fitting to eulogize Sophie in pictorial format. Below are some of my favorite Sophie strips spanning the years.

This strip is from January 1, , a little peek back at more boring times. What can I say? If anything, it was topsy-turvy. From a purely personal and professional standpoint, it happened to be one of the best years of my life. I got to travel a bit, too. Went on a book tour, visited many cities in the US some with my daughter for college visits , and even toured Italy with my husband for our 20th anniversary.

And of course, we should never normalize this. We were just curious. His mother was skeptical that some wayward Irish lad or lassie had once honed in on their pure-blood Eastern European lineage. But we found out her brother had taken the test and it also came back with the Irish gene. As for me, I already knew I was a mutt. My dad was full-fledged Ashkenazi Jew, his parents having emigrated from Minsk in Belarus early last century.

They settled in Turkey and formed deep roots there. My mother was born in Ankara and raised in Istanbul. As an aside, my husband and I traveled there for two weeks early in our marriage. I took to it so much, it honestly felt like home away from home.

I joke that my parents had a mixed marriage with their unique customs and traditions. Luckily, my siblings and I turned out okay, despite our confusion as to whether or not we should eat rice during Passover. But the biggest surprise? Over the last thousand years, there have been times when some groups of people were isolated from neighboring populations. Isolation gives populations a chance to develop a unique genetic signature.

When individuals from two or more previously separated populations begin intermarrying, the previously distinct populations become more difficult to distinguish. This combination of multiple genetic lineages is called admixture. Regions that border each other are often admixed — sometimes to a great degree.

This could be due to relatively few cultural and trade barriers between the two regions, as well as conflicts between the regions over the last thousand years. Okay, that makes sense. Chalk it up to war, trade routes, and fuzzy borders. I also concluded without checking any science to back it up that my mom had some Ashkenazi DNA in her as well. I was partially right. Ultimately, I found the whole thing fascinating.

But I have another confession for that test…. And no, we still have no idea. But it did lead me to create this storyline. I must tell you, my husband was NOT amused when he first read these strips. It actually creeped him out. But I thought it was such an amusing premise that I did it anyway.

I just took my older daughter to my alma mater, and it all came flooding back. I was just there! Yeah, okay, 25 years ago, but still…. My daughter is a high school senior and is actively looking at schools.

The evening before our official tour and info session, we drove by the campus. I was marveling at both the familiarity of the old and the novelty of the new mainly dorm buildings.

Finally, we came upon my old home away from home — the fine arts building. First, I emitted some kind of high-pitched scream that only dolphins can hear. Then I pulled over, jumped out of the car, and forced my daughter to take a gazillion photos of me in front of the building. She probably thought my body had been abducted by an embarrassing alien. This is the power of nostalgia. I remained mostly calm the next day during the actual tour.

Oh yeah, I also got even drunker on nostalgia by meeting up with old friends. It was EPIC — a word, btw, you should never utter in front of your teenager. She has yet to sort through her thoughts and narrow down her list, but I must say we had a pleasant bonding experience on that trip.

My husband was tasked with the majority of school visits, as he had more vacation days. His experiences were similar: I write about six months ahead. My only excuse is…well, life. Too much of it lately in a good way, for the most part. Rob turned half a century old. And a wayward drawing hand?

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